June 9, 2022

A Perfect Picnic Sandwich

So here is our vote for the best of the best.

Tomatoes……find the best you can buy, heirloom or not, but ripe and smelling like a tomato plant.
Lots o extra virgin olive oil
Fresh Basil
Baguettes, 1 to every 3 people
This is the basis and would be good enough for me on its own.
Slice tomatoes ¼ inch thick, place in plastic container about an inch deep and big enough to hold a bunch. You might need 2 if there are a lot of people. Generously cover the tomatoes with olive oil, add several basil leaves and a little salt. Put the leakproof cover on.
Now assemble your extras which can be salami, prosciutto, canned fish like smoked trout or mackerel or a good tuna in oil and arugula. And more olive oil.
Now assemble your sides, olives, pickled jalapenos, dill pickles or what ever appeals to you. 2 or 3 assorted flavors of potato chips are always appreciated.
Method:  With your paper plate at the ready tear off a hunk of bread. You can cut it but tearing is much more satisfying. Now dunk the bread in the tomato/olive oil/basil container. Add a slice or 2 of tomato and proceed to add whatever else appeals to you. More olive oil may need to be added to the tomatoes as the bread dunking can deplete it.  I wish you could just put olive oil on your bread and add tomatoes and basil but that oil infused with them is just magic. Andrea Cleall

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