What if my art arrives damaged?

Arte Sonoma stands behind our artists and their artwork 100% If you package should arrive damaged we'll send you a prepaid shipping label and refund your total purchase price when we receive the returned product. You never have to worry about damaged artwork.

How long does it take to receive my order?

We try to get items shipped within 5 days of receiing your order. Please note, however, some iitems may take longer. In that case we ask the artist to notify you of the approximate ship date.

What if my order is lost and never received?

Again if we determine an item is lost in shipment you will be refunded 100% of your purchase price.


Is my payment secure?

Your payment is processed through our secure payment platform STRIPE.

Other Questions

Are your offerings updated regularly?

Yes. We will be adding new art regularly, both originals and more affordable prints and editions, from our stable of artists. In addition, we are always on the lookout for new artists who embody the Sonoma spirit and aesthetic.

I am an artist. Can I submit my art for inclusion on Arte Sonoma?

Yes. See above answer. We would welcome the opportunity to view your work for consideration for inclusion on this website.

How is Sonoma different from Napa?

Great question. Napa is the Range Rover of California counties — refined, flashy, expensive, ostentatious — while Sonoma County is more like the Subaru Outback — well-made, dependable, geared for adventure. Where in Napa you might visit a chateau and be wine tasting alongside the passengers from a tour bus, in Sonoma you are more likely to have to navigate a dirt road to be poured wine by the guy who's name is on the bottle. Arte Sonoma embodies that idiosyncratic spirit.

Are all your artists based in Sonoma?

No. We feature artists from across California and some in other parts of the country. All of our artists have some connection to Sonoma County, or embody the Sonoma spirit mentioned above. Sonoma is a place, but it is also an attitude and a lifestyle.