Pelicans by Andrea Cleall

$ 700 USD

16" x 20" x 1.5" oil on gallery canvas with free shipping.

Walking along a deserted beach at sunset is a pretty wonderful way to wrap-up your busy day. The sand is soft and often still warm, the air is fresh and salty. The sky is a panoramic show. What more could you ask? The spume of a whale in the distance or frolicking dolphins would be very nice but nothing beats a line of pelicans, sometimes quite a long line, right above the water line, heading for wherever they settle for the night. Occasionally one will suddenly dive into the water and emerge with a fish in its huge beak but that hardly disturbs the formation.There is something sort of timeless about their single-minded pursuit of a safe shelter for the night. I wonder if their ancestors who may have been flying dinosaurs followed the same pattern.

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